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It's hard to blog.  Seriously when I started this journey, I thought it would be easy as pie to voice my thoughts and feelings to folks who cared to tune in.  Well, what I hadn't considered was that I'd have to be doing it regularly…routinely. I just found that most days, with all I have to do, I just didn't have the time.  Between chores and errands and trying to earn a living as a freelance songwriter in a struggling economy, blogging became an afterthought…and then it didn't cross my mind at all. So anyway, I've set some goals and stuff for myself for this year.  That's right, I'm just like everyone else (surprise)! Lol! Well, I've decided to tackle a couple new things  (more on that later) that will hopefully help me to turn a corner in my career.  It seems I've already turned a corner in my life. I like to think I've experienced somewhat of a spiritual awakening.  Life does that though.  You're flying high and you forget who's i…

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