Saturday, January 10, 2015

Random Entry

It's hard to blog.  Seriously when I started this journey, I thought it would be easy as pie to voice my thoughts and feelings to folks who cared to tune in.  Well, what I hadn't considered was that I'd have to be doing it regularly…routinely. I just found that most days, with all I have to do, I just didn't have the time.  Between chores and errands and trying to earn a living as a freelance songwriter in a struggling economy, blogging became an afterthought…and then it didn't cross my mind at all. So anyway, I've set some goals and stuff for myself for this year.  That's right, I'm just like everyone else (surprise)! Lol! Well, I've decided to tackle a couple new things  (more on that later) that will hopefully help me to turn a corner in my career.  It seems I've already turned a corner in my life. I like to think I've experienced somewhat of a spiritual awakening.  Life does that though.  You're flying high and you forget who's in charge.  You feel like you're untouchable.  Like no one can ever do what you did like you did.  But then in chimes the truth: "Don't you ever for a second get to thinking…"(Beyonce fans stand up) Okay so anyway, I'll post from time to time because I can't help but to write. Why not here? When I have time, I mean.  I had time this morning. I'd almost forgotten about what I'd started doing here.  I'd like for the 2 of you to stay tuned for what I'll post next. LOL! Alright, bye now!

P.S. there will be some stuff about God and some stuff about my spiritual growth here now too, so if that offends you, *points to the exit*.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Art of Heart

Just two words came to mind when I realized what today was...

Michael Jackson: King of Pop

"Thank you."

Above The Bar: Isaac "Ike Dirty" Hayes III

Georgia was pretty good to me.  I have to admit that I liked my neighborhood, I liked the visible difference between seasons, and I especially liked the cuisine.  This week's subject is associated with all three of these for me.  For a time, we lived in the same city, and we would crawl out of our respective dwellings during the warmer months for brunch.  Cuisine?  Yeah, he cooks...DOWN. LOL! He is funny, charming, tremendously talented, and while we don't see eye to eye on some things (i.e. "tricking season" SMHLOL), we managed to have an amazing time together when we had down time in ATL. He is absolutely one of the things I miss most about living in Georgia.  I could drag this intro out a bit longer, but I feel like the words wouldn't do his "larger than life" personality any justice.  Here he comes!

Isaac Hayes III
37 (Gemini)
Atlanta, GA
Songwriter/Producer/Voiceover Artist
Hobbies: Cooking, Photography, & The Never-Ending Study of Women 

"Prayers up, blessings down."

-Isaac Hayes III

LL:  How long have you been doing what you do for a living?

IH:  I've been producing since 2002, so 11 years, but my love of music production began at 17 
        years old!

LL:  What are your top 3 career moments?

IH:  My first is when I got my break in 2006 when I had 8 songs I produced used in the film 
       I would have to say my second is "Money In The Bank", the record I produced for Lil 
       Scrappy that went Gold as a ringtone & single and was sampled by T-Pain in 'Buy You A 
       Drank', which was a monster hit that I'm proud to be attached to as well.
       My third is the project I worked on recently with producer Red One.  The Ying Yang 
       Twins' single 'Fist Pump, Jump Jump!'.  Never done a dance record quite like this before.

LL:  If you had the opportunity to do something outside the industry you work in now, what would it

IH: Man, I'm a Gemini, so we love to do it ALL! LOL!  I LOVE doing voiceover work which is 
       my second career.  I would devote 100% of my time if I could.  I also LOVE cooking and 
       baking cheesecake, so I would definitely market and sell my cheesecakes to the masses if I 

LL: Name 3 people that inspire you, and tell us why they do.

IH: My father Isaac Hayes, of course, because of the things he accomplished as a songwriter 
      and producer.  I'm inspired by the fact that he came from nothing to a world of success 
      by creating classics.  He became the first African American to win an Oscar for Music, and 
      he was also the first African American to have a Certified Platinum album.
      My mother inspires me by being kind and good.  Her gorgeous spirit and remarkable 
      patience make her the perfect spiritual guide and counselor to me when I need her.  She
      makes me think.  She inspires me to have compassion for all people. She honestly makes me
      want to be a better person.
      Third, I'd have to say that people in general inspire me, especially those who make the most 
      of whatever their circumstances are without blame or complaint.  They inspire me to do 
      more and be more.  If they can do it, I have no excuse.

LL: What are 3 things you do to de-stress?

IH:  I find nature: wind, trees, sun, shade...they pull the stress out of me, and I feel led to
        let it go into the universe.
       Creating music is an awesome way I de-stress.  Nothing makes you feel better like making 
       music!  Melodies and Chords dictate emotion in a way like nothing else in this world.  
       Love songs, of course. 
       Three is (CENSORED by Limbo Lessons!) >:-(

LL:  What is a lesson you learned the hard way?

IH:  I've learned to take advantage of an opportunity when I have it.  Never take a situation
        for granted because you never know when it will come again!

LL:  What are 3 things anyone aspiring to work in your field should know?

IH:  Don't do it for the money!  Do it cause you love it.  If you don't, you'll be miserable.
        Success doesn't happen overnight.  You gotta pay your dues.  If you get it fast & Easy, 
        you'll most likely lose it the same way.  
        Know your business.  Many a dollar has been lost NOT knowing the business.  Contracts, 
        percentages, learn all of that.  If not, you WILL get screwed.

LL:  Tell us 3 things you love about your city, then tell us 3 things you would change if you could.

IH:  I love that Atlanta is truly a BLACK city.  61% African American.  Gives me a sense of
        pride about being Black.  Atlanta has the highest concentration of Black Millionaires in
        the World.  "Gettin that paper", as Stevie J would say.
       The entertainment Industry.  Music was the big industry down here for a while, but now
       Film and TV have kicked in as well.  All these great shows and movies are filmed here.  Plus,
       we have the best talent in the business down here in ATL.
       Atlanta has a lil bit of some other major cities mixed into it.  A little NYC, A little 
       Los Angeles, a little Miami, and some country mixed in! I love that about the A!

       If I could change three things, I'd have to say that First, there would be NO SMOKING 
       IN CLUBS!!!  I hate cigarette smoke and weed smoke.  Fresh air in all venues if I could 
       change that.
       I'd put ATL on the coast if I could.  Could you imagine what Atlanta would be like on 
       water??? Lol
       PARKING.  Yo, the city is ripping folks off on this parking.  Gotta fix that for sure.  It's a
       straight joke!

LL:  Where would you send an out-of towner to have a bite and watch the game in your city?

IH:  Well, this is a two-part answer for me.  For a great bite to eat, I'd say Nuevo Laredo.
        Best Mexican FOOD IN THE CITY!  As far as watching the game, my NEW spot is 
        Yard House.  The fellas and I take that spot over whenever we go!  I say it's about who
        you're with more than where you are when it comes to watching the game.  Good people 
        always create a good time! 

Cheers, Ike! :-)

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Listen To This

India Shawn featuring Hit-Boy and James Fauntleroy - 'All I Have'

This is what happens when three great minds that have great chemistry collaborate.  Each of these kids is amazing at what they do, and I'm sure you're familiar with some of their work, if not all.  What I love most about this piece is the message.  I found the cover art gripping.  Simple, yet powerful.  I say the same of the song.  Turn it on, turn it up, and LISTEN. Powerful message from 3 power players in this music stuff. :-) You guys ROCKED this!

Brandy - "Wildest Dreams'

Everyone who knows anything about me knows how I feel about Brandy.  Her sound has influenced so many.  I could go on for days, seriously.  So, imagine my excitement to hear this new music from her. I'm so glad she's back to inspire, AGAIN. This is "the knock" as my friend Kevin Stuckey would say. :-). I am ACHING for this TwoEleven album now. Thank you, Brandy!!

Above The Bar: Kristin Tipa (Intro by Amanda Staten)

Yaaay, it's me again!!! Candice has graciously given me the opportunity to introduce another one of "my" people.  I've known this weirdo for 5-6 years.  She is the most efficient person I've ever had the pleasure f working with.  I don't keep it a secret that I loathe work, but she is one of the reasons I look forward to getting out of the bed in the morning.  Her sense of humor is incomparable, one of the quickest wits I know.  She's a gorgeous girl who dominates at all the things she undertakes, and is a self-proclaimed multi-talent.  I am inclined to agree wholeheartedly.  It is my privilege, completely, to know and love her!! Without further adieu, my very own Rainman (she forgets NOTHING), Kristin Tipa!

Kristin Seiko Tipa
Redondo Beach, CA
Mom/ Staff Accountant

"No matter how you feel, get up, dress up, and show up."

- P. Coelho

LL:  How long have you been doing what you do for a living?

KT: I began working in accounting in 2009.  I am a history major, but no one in this economy 
        would hire a history major when I graduated from college.  I got lucky and scored an 
        accounting/ admin. position for a skateboarding company, but when they relocated, I found
        my current job at a compressor manufacturing company.

LL:  What are 3 things you must have in order for your work day to go smoothly?

KT: I know everyone says this, but coffee is a must for me.  I need at least 3 cups just to get out 
        of the house.
        As spontaneous as I like to pretend to be, I actually like a game plan for the day.  Even if 
        that game plan says to hang out on G Chat all day, my day is going to be smooth.
        I need people in my office to leave me alone.  I work best independently :-)
        For a bonus, a calculator!

LL:  What are 3 things you would change about the environment you work in if you could?

KT: I would be allowed to wear BOTH my earplugs at work.  It is too quiet and currently I am 
        only allowed to wear one.
        I would like full breakfast to be served every morning.  Both American and Japanese style.
        We would be allowed to take siestas.  A good hour after lunch to further relax or nap.  I
        truly believe I would be more productive.

LL:  Who are your 3 favorite recording artists at the moment?  Why?

KT: I am currently replaying Chris Brown on my iPod because despite everything that has
        happened, he was and always will be truly talented.
        Cibelle.  I was on a Brazilian station on Pandora one day and found myself drawn to her.  I
        actually think all Brazilian music is highly underrated... at least in this country. 
        Skrillex.  Okay so the kids these days are into something called a "dub step".  I have to 
        admit that once I got past the scary alien laser zombie nuclear apocalypse feeling, my head 
        began to bob and I get an itch to dance.  I see this as the music of the future.  Very 2094-ish.

LL:  What is your idea of the perfect day?

KT: Since I have become a mom, I have learned that the best feeling ever is putting a smile on
        my son's face.  A perfect day would be doing whatever makes him happy.  I only hope
        Disneyland doesn't make him happy because it is ridiculously expensive and let me go ahead 
        and admit that Disneyland and I were NOT cut from the same cloth.  If he were old enough
        to talk, I'm sure our perfect day would be lounging in our pjs watching TV with his bottle 
        of milk in hand and a bottle of beer for me.

LL:  What is your favorite memory from your childhood?

KT: My favorite childhood memory would be traveling with my grandparents during the 
        Summers.  We took road trips all over the country and went camping and hiking 
        everywhere.  Some of my favorite places were actually some Indian reservations in 
        the Southwest that we would frequent.  I knew it had a big impact on me as an adult, as I 
        became a history major in college with a concentration in Native American History.  I can 
        say that as a child, I could not fully appreciate our journeys, but I am incredibly grateful
        for these experiences now.  Travel with your children, people!

LL:  If you could be any animal for a day, what animal would you want to be?

KT: I would have to know what it feels like to fly so I would say any kind of bird.  I can fly
        in my dreams, but I have to flap my arms real hard, and it's more of a float... quite 
        exhausting, even in dream world.

LL:  What are 3 things that you wish everyone knew about you?

KT: I am the most loyal person you will ever know.
        I may seem shy, but I am ridiculously funny, highly inappropriate, and I curse like a
        sailor.  I did well at behaving myself during this interview. :-)
        I prefer mustard to ketchup.

LL:  What is the absolute best breakfast in your city and where can it be found?

KT: I don't usually eat breakfast, I'm a coffee drinker, so I would say The Coffee Bean and Tea
        Leaf's Regular, no sugar added, Black Forest with an extra shot, and no whip; found 
        everywhere (in California).  However, if I HAD to choose food, I would recommend 
        Eat At Joe's in Redondo Beach.  Have this plate called The Hangover (or something like 
        that) it's delish!

If you'd like to chat with Kristin, or for more info, feel free to hit her up on Facebook!  Find the link to her page, as well as some links to some other sites you should check out, below!

Kristin Tipa's Facebook Page:

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Passenger's Side

Here, you will find a series of photos I took this week from the passenger's seat.  Some of them are not the best quality, as I am not a professional photographer.  Still, they tell the story better than I could have with words.  There isn't much to tell, though honestly.  It's just another day with the love on my life. :-)

Car Pool!! #110North

Bye, guys! #CarPool #SouthCentralLA lol

Approaching downtown from Echo Park area
The beach

Near LAX

Fire on the beach!

 Sunset at the beach <3

SOTD: Mylah - 'Currency'

I really dig this record! Mylah delivers these heartfelt lyrics over this awesome track with undeniable vocal agility and lovely tone. I COMMAND you to get INTO Ms. Mylah, cause she is giving us fire with substance!! Standing O for this a flawless record! Hit her up on Twitter to let her know how much you love it: .

Mylah - 'Currency'